Tuesday, June 7, 2011

outfit worn on sunday

my new sunglasses....my favorite red ones broke the other day and I almost cried lol. I am the type of person who cannot go outside or even drive without my sunglasses. I pretty much wear the same pair until they somehow get broken. And when it comes to sunglasses the bigger the better!
(patterned clutch: thrifted)
The best clutch ever! Although I love carrying clutches they can sometimes become a hassle.
  I usually carry my whole life with me and it never fits into my clutch. However this clutch I can practically shove everything into it.
(my sis Grace and M.C.)
This is the only guy I know that can wear these colors together and make it look cool. He is always rockin brightly colored POLO ensembles. I'll have to post pics of all my fashion conscious friends. I surround myself with only the best ;-) Have a great day and I appreciate the comments and new followers!

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  1. absolutely love this look. great skirt and shirt! enjoyed looking at your blog... and you have a new follower on google and bloglovin. i would be honored if we connected on BOTH. :) have a great day!