Friday, September 17, 2010


These looks are from her ready-to-wear spring and fall collections. I love love the red dress. I couldn't find a pic that showed the back of it which is even more beautiful with the exposed zipper. I like how all her looks although simple are very chic and stylish. It would be very hard not to look good in one of her designs. What do you think and were you a Spice Girls fan? lol


  1. i was not a spice girls fan, but i do love all these looks. and the new look of your blog is great too!

    thanks for sending me your mailing info. i'll be sending out your giveaway items soon!

  2. Thanks Cheryl and I was definitely a spice girls fan lol @ MOrgan thanks for following! :-)

  3. Not a SG fan, but am a HUGE fan of VB and her newest line- so ladylike, but classic, with a twist. Oh, the first LBD is going on my wish list... CH